Open from when the dew dries till the mosquitos come out! AND into the fall until a 'heavy frost'-can be mid-October, but usually count on September! 

Thanks for the growing appreiciation for no 'cides (not even organic approved 'cides) and beyond organic methods! 




Holt Farmers Market, 2150 Cedar St, 

We will not be attending Holt Farmers Market...but please do continue to go yourself! 

Howell Winter MarketPlace at Howell Opera House-

Possibly the winter season 2015-'16, undecided still.






Rainbows End Farm
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Rainbows End Farm

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A true country experience....

We have one acre of fall red raspberries for you to pick. They are maintained with "non-certified" organic practices with emphasis on soil ecology, plants can only be as healthy as the soil!

September brings on the tried and true "Heritage" raspberry. The "Berry" that all raspberries strive to 'BE"! Great all-around berry, will last a few days in refrigerator, preserves well AND has great taste! This picking season lasts into early October.

In addition to the fall red raspberry u-pick patch, we sell our own raspberry tea leaves, and a variety of produce. Quart and pint containers are provided for you to pick into, but please bring your own containers to carry the goods home in.


Raspberries and much more...

On site are chickens, calves & honeybees making it an enjoyable country experience! There is room to run for the kids,  or the kid in all of us! We have a dog, if you bring yours, please bring a leash and don't leave behind any 'goodies' and the dogs will get along fine!

Stay tuned, sign up for email updates to catch the 'goings on' on the farm this summer/fall!


At Rainbows End Farm we aim to provide you with a great country experience, come visit!