Update July 2017 -

IN 2016 we didn't have rain in May/June and the bushes didn't grow well. We didn't open the patch.

This year, we are lax on getting the weeding  & berry management completed, but are hopeful for a crop in September.

Open after Labor Day in September, in the morning from when the dew dries till the mosquitos come out! AND into the fall until a 'heavy frost'-can be mid-October, but usually count on September! 

Thanks for the growing appreiciation for no 'cides (not even organic approved 'cides) and beyond organic methods! 










Update July 2017


Gwen's enjoying Real Estate & willing to assist you in your needs in the central MI area, Lansing to Brighton, north and south also!

Paul has been enjoying the farm and growing for 'us'. Have Kellie, growing in the hoophouse also.

Hoping to get the berry patch weeded, we don't do it anymore, as we're getting old-er, so it's not as 'clean' as it used to be & with time, the grasses are difficult to manage in the patch. 

Call first if you're coming from far to see if there are berries...or check back here, we will update again come fall!



AUGUST 2014 - Fermenting, Hoophouse Bed Rentals, Real Estate, Balance!

Finding balance in life!

Who do you know that wants or needs to buy or sell real estate?!

Gwen has taken up 'Real Estate' and is a Realtor now. She is hoping that she can balance that and the farm as the coming year approaches! Gwen has been a dental hygienist for almost 30 years and feels the 'need for change'! Wishing the farm could 'support' itself does not make it a reality! 2014 has been a spring/summer of transition. Haven't found an 'intern' but attempted to 'do it all' anyway...results...a failed garden that will be almost totally brush-hogged down by 'berry season'. We just can't do it all! Always figuring out where the balance is!

Still interested in someone who would LOVE to winter garden in the hoophouse! Someone with some 'know-how', as I don't have time to teach, need a self-motivator and doer! Please share with young people, as we really need to continue to encourage young to raise and eat from the earth!

In the meantime, as I do believe there are people out there who would LOVE to work in the hoop, would you be interested in 'renting' one bed in the hoop or even a 1/2 bed and trying to raise your own winter-greens? A full bed would be approx 3.5' x 28' for $20 now until February. A 1/2 bed would be 3.5' x 14' for $10. You can share a bed with others if you like. Local people is best, as distance will always interfere with your time! If interested, please let me know! This could be fun!

Looking forward to connecting with you all during berry season...or at fermenting classes or on a real estate adventure! 

Dates for 'Fermenting in the Garden" on 'Home' of this website!





PLEASE CONTACT ME SOON IF INTERESTED (read more in below entry).


Time is NOW to plan your 'meat for 2014'. As a 'farm girl', my mom used to figure out how many chickens, beef, veggies her family would need for the year, and that is how she determined what to get for the freezer or needed to can, if no freezer space! I used to raise 50 meat birds for my own family, but as my family has shrunk, my needs have also, but am willing to 'grow' for you. I travel 1 hour to get transitional organic no-soy feed for the birds, always sure they are on pasture for bugs, greens and they love digging in dirt too! I use a breed that is bred to grow a bit faster than 'heritage' birds ("Freedom Ranger"), but not too fast so that all you get is breast (typically raised "Cornish Rock"). I grow them out to 12 weeks at least, by European (not American) Organic Standards, a chicken must live at least 81 days before complete. I charge $5/lb for these birds, (processing $3/bird, included). I believe the taste/texture of the meat is noticeably different! I can only raise so many, so commitment with a deposit is required. You can come out and visit your birds if you would like!


My hens also receive organic feed, theirs are without soy. Soy is increasingly a problem in allergies for many that is why I choose to not use it (other reasons also). Eggs are $5/dozen. Let me know if interested.


If interested, please call. I raise some yearly for ourselves, have space for more.



Looking for 2014 Intern/Co-farmer Opportunity

Rainbows End Farm is seeking farmers with the desire to build your own farm-based sustainable agriculture business.  The Farm currently has a 30’x 72’ hoophouse, small ‘seed-starting greenhouse’, well water, drip irrigation equipment, a small tractor with tiller/loader, and 1-2 acres of ‘organically managed’ land available for cultivation. The Farm also has established a name at the Holt and Fowlerville Farmers Markets.  These resources would be available for your business.

If you have the willingness and desire to work hard and build your own project, Rainbows End Farm would like to work with you, and can offer support to growing farmers.  All the Farm asks in exchange is a commitment to following through on the project you start, and some partnership in building the Farm as a whole.  This is an amazing opportunity in an area with a population whose interest in healthy organic food is growing, and who also have a need for access to sustainably grown products.  Be here at the beginning of this tide and be a part of its success! Someone interested in beginning and managing a community garden for 2014 is desired.

There may also be an option for housing on site. Please contact Gwen for more details. The farm is located in Fowlerville  MI, 7 miles north of I-96,13 miles south from I-69, 14 miles from Howell, and 35 miles from Lansing.  

The farm began with a 1 acre of fall red raspberries managed organically and sold U-pick and at Farmers Markets. This will be it's 10th year! We have grown in the hoophouse for 3 winters now. 

Please see our website at:

FaceBook: Rainbows End Farm

and contact Gwen at rainbowsendfarm2004@gmail.com for more information



Hello Farm Friends!

You have been more patient than I! The patch is struggling this year - again, last year the heat did us in, this year the cloudy, cool August slowed the pollination and growth! AHHH, farming! I have 'some' berries and I will attempt to be sure every berry gets a home! BUT, I don't think we will have 'regular' U-pick days at this point! It will probably be 'last minute' and I will throw up the flags out front, put on Facebook, and update the 'Farm Info' line (517-223-1079). I may just pick them and sell them here at the farm or at the Fowlerville Farmers Market on Friday evenings. If you are 'determined' to get some berries, please either send me an email or leave a phone message. I have a list going of those who really want berries, are flexible to pick ($5/quart) or are willing to drive out and get 'pre-picked' berries for $5/pint. The patch is managed with 'organic' standards, although non-certified.

BUT we do have some beautiful green beans that need to be picked, we can schedule appointments for you to do that.  "Deepa" has been a great 'co-farmer' this year, she has been growing most of the veggies around here and helping me 'up' the production in the hoophouse for the coming winter! You can schedule 'green bean picking' with Deepa at 415-260-9844, or Gwen at 517-294-4014. There are pie pumpkins, beets, eggplant, okra and a variety of other goodies available. 

Gwen is teaching classes on 'making kombucha' and 'fermenting veggies' as way of preserving naturally, on your countertop, from garden, farmers market or store, in minutes. I will do one/one for $20 a session, here at the farm. We learn why we should eat fermented foods, learn about the many healthy benefits, then learn to make kombucha and then make three fermented veggies to take home, all for $20 here at the farm. If you would like to host a 'fermenting' party with your friends, we can do that too!
Here is the upcoming September schedule:

Sunday, Sept 15, 4-6 pm
Saturday Sept 21, 10-noon.
Sunday Sept 29, 4-6 pm.

I will do a couple in October and November also, let me know what works for you! Classes are usually max of 5 people, that's what fits nicely at the counter!

I did not grow as many 'meat' chickens this year, and what I did grow, is sold. I usually grow extra lambs also, and that 'extra' has sold also this year. It makes me happy that people are finding their way 'back to the small farm' to purchase their food! Please know that as a farmer, it sure does help for you all to plan ahead so we know how many animals to raise, as it is a process. 

We plan on being at the "Winter Market Place" in the Howell Opera House, starting in November. It is a bi-weekly market, so be sure that we are 'there' before you come looking! Sundays 10-2. I will have spinach, kale, and lettuces from the hoophouse for your winter enjoyment. If you are local, we need to arrange a way for you to obtain your greens on a regular basis, please, lets talk!

So sad to miss so many of you in the patch again this year... it really gives me joy to "chat and pick" with you!

Healthy Eating-
Gwen, Deepa and families!